Crux v2020-03-17 17:55:51Z Crux.Base.TaskConsumer behaviour View Source

Provides a __using__ macro to inject two functions to simplify consuming of gateway events.

A somewhat example of this:

A Supervisor, like Crux.Base.ConsumerSupervisor, and

defmodule Bot.Consumer do
  use Crux.Base.TaskConsumer

  def handle_event({:MESSAGE_CREATE, message, _shard_id}) do

  def handle_event(_event), do: nil

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All available element types.


Will handle events.

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All available element types.

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handle_event(event) View Source
handle_event(event :: event()) :: any()

Will handle events.

Be sure to have one "catch all" clause to not crash your consumer when you receive an event you didn't handle.