Crux vdev Crux.Structs.Message View Source

Represents a Discord Message Object.

Differences opposed to the Discord API Object:

  • :mentions is a MapSet of user ids

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Creates a Crux.Structs.Message struct from raw data.

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t() View Source (since 0.1.0)
t() :: %Crux.Structs.Message{
  attachments: [Crux.Structs.Attachment.t()],
  author: Crux.Structs.User.t(),
  channel_id: Crux.Rest.snowflake(),
  content: String.t(),
  edited_timestamp: String.t(),
  embeds: [Crux.Structs.Embed.t()],
  guild_id: Crux.Rest.snowflake() | nil,
  id: Crux.Rest.snowflake(),
  member: Crux.Structs.Member.t() | nil,
  mention_everyone: boolean(),
  mention_roles: MapSet.t(Crux.Rest.snowflake()),
  mentions: MapSet.t(Crux.Rest.snowflake()),
  nonce: String.t() | nil,
  pinned: boolean(),
  reactions: %{optional(String.t()) => Crux.Structs.Reaction.t()},
  timestamp: String.t(),
  tts: boolean(),
  type: integer(),
  webhook_id: Crux.Rest.snowflake() | nil

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create(data) View Source (since 0.1.0)
create(data :: map()) :: t()

Creates a Crux.Structs.Message struct from raw data.

Automatically invoked by Crux.Structs.create/2.