Crux v2020-03-17 17:55:51Z API Reference


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Handles consuming and processing of events received from the gateway.
To consume those processed events subscribe with a consumer to a producer.
You can fetch said producers via Crux.Base.producers/1

Supervises a consumer, for example, a module using Crux.Base.TaskConsumer.

Module processing gateway packets into event/0s making necessary cache lookups / insertions.

Provides a __using__ macro to inject two functions to simplify consuming of gateway events.

Behaviour all caches must implement. (Looking at custom ones you may want to write)

Base cache utilising ETS tables, :ets

A provider using the default caches

A behaviour module for cache providers.

TODO: Some kind of description

Behaviour module used to compose command pipelines.

Handler module serving as entry point for command pipelines.

Main entry point for Crux.Gateway.

Builds Gateway Commands.
Note: Only the sent ones can be found here.

Module handling the actual connection (shard) to Discord.

Handles dispatching of packets received from the gateway.

Main entry point for Crux.Rest.

Functions to generate cdn urls pointing to avatars, icons, etc.

Endpoints being used by the Crux.Rest module, you do not need to worry about it.

Module with functions to create Crux.Rest.Request which can be executed.

Struct representing an executable request.

Collection of util functions.

Provides a unified function to create one or a list of structs, invoking their create/1 function if available.

Represents a Discord Channel Object.

Represents a Discord Embed Object.

Represents a Discord Emoji Object.

Represents a Discord Guild Object.

Represents a Discord Invite Object

Represents a Discord Message Object.

Custom non discord api struct to help with working with permissions.

Represents a Discord Presence Object.

Represents a Discord Reaction Object.

Represents a Discord Role Object.

Custom non discord api struct to help with working with Discord's snowflakes.

Custom non discord api struct representing a deconstructed Discord snowflake.

Represents a Discord User Object

Collection of util functions.

Represents a Discord Webhook Object


Represents a Discord API error.

Mix Tasks