Crux v2020-03-17 17:55:51Z Crux.Structs.Presence View Source

Represents a Discord Presence Object.

Differences opposed to the Discord API Object:

  • :user is just the user id

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All available types that can be resolved into a user id.


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id_resolvable() View Source (since 0.2.1)
id_resolvable() :: Crux.Structs.User.id_resolvable()

All available types that can be resolved into a user id.

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t() View Source (since 0.1.0)
t() :: %Crux.Structs.Presence{
  activities: [map()],
  client_status: %{required(atom()) => atom()},
  game: map() | nil,
  status: String.t(),
  user: Crux.Structs.Snowflake.t()

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create(data) View Source (since 0.1.0)
create(data :: map()) :: t()

Creates a Crux.Structs.Presence.t/0 struct from raw data.

Automatically invoked by Crux.Structs.create/2.

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resolve_id(resolvable) View Source (since 0.2.1)
resolve_id(id_resolvable()) :: Crux.Structs.Snowflake.t() | nil

Resolves the id of a Crux.Structs.Presence.t/0

Automatically invoked by Crux.Structs.resolve_id/2

For examples see Crux.Structs.User.resolve_id/1